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Page 32

It seems that Mark's family isn't the only one that's been asked to evacuate on this strange day.
Far from it, in fact.
Wow! Here we are at the end of Chapter 1! Thank you so much for reading this far and for all the comments.
I'm so happy to have been able to share my story with everyone, and Chapter 2 is on the way!

Remember, you can purchase the whole first chapter and read it today by going: Here

There are also a super limited supply of physical copies of chapter 1 HERE

3 thoughts on “Page 32

  1. Thanks so much to anyone who’s read this far. I completed this chapter early in 2021, and I’ve been working to improve my skills based on people’s feedback. Ruin will take a Hiatus for a while as I prepare Chapter 2 and make some adjustments to Chapter 1!
    If you have any feedback, please leave a comment or message me directly! I really appreciate it!

  2. Very nice page.

    1. thanks so much Mark. 😀

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